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5 Key Benefits of Using a 3PL for Streamlined Operations

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

It’s imperative to a company’s operations to utilize a third-party logistics provider (3PL) with the capabilities and specialty to manage more than just truckload services.

Having a broader scope of services managed and executed by one provider creates a streamlined and more efficient operations, resulting in a wide range of benefits for long term growth and sustainability.

Implementing one 3PL into your operations

  • eliminates misunderstandings and lack of communication regarding loads and other vital information;

  • eliminates unnecessary resources, keeping the amount of people involved down to only individuals that should be involved;

  • establishes a tight partnership and personable relationship with one another, which then improves communication, allows for the logistics specialist to be more proactive to the customer’s needs and ultimately gives the customer a peace of mind that their requests are handled of highest importance and in the best interest;

  • cuts out additional cost that may be tacked on when separating outsourced needs to multiple providers

  • allows for the opportunity to have creative and strategic solutions in place for long-term growth

With 40 years of expertise in the industry, and nearly 20 years in business, Creative Transportation Services, Inc. (CTS) has built a niche within the logistics industry in providing beyond the typical truckload service.

So what does CTS offer that support these 5 key benefits outlined above?

  1. First and foremost, CTS prides itself on partnering with each and every customer and carrier within our network. It’s important to us that each staff member creates a solid relationship, or partnership rather, to fully understand how we can provide the best logistics strategies that our customers’ should receive.

  2. We are team-oriented and collaborate supported by eco-technology. No matter who is handling your shipment, any one of us can assist based on relationship, communication and the real-time data and tracking stored in our TMS.

  3. We will always find a way to make the impossible happen. Need something expedited? Have a door-to-door request, same day or overnight delivery? We have you covered.

  4. Our HQ is based out of California, however, our vast network allows us to service throughout North America. Our relationships are necessary to safely and securely move freight while adhering to border / state / province jurisdictions.

  5. We have a wide range of equipment options that tailor to unique deliveries and requests. Does your load require a liftgate? Have a heavy-haul or over dimensional load? We constantly oversee a variety of unique requests. Just let us know the details and our specialists can recommend what’s best suited.

  6. Is price is huge factor, but not short on time? Our close connections within the intermodal / rail sector allows us to offer this service when it makes the most sense.

  7. Is there a time you’ve needed to store freight? CTS can recommend warehousing and distribution services.

  8. What happens when the unexpected happens? Perhaps a driver is stuck in a snowstorm, for instance? We always have a way to recover if unknown variables or incidents arise. Thanks to our vast network of carriers and personal relationships, we always plan for a backup plan to keep things moving as they should

  9. Does your company exhibit at trade shows? Whether it’s for an annual conference or multiple shows each year at different locations, we specialize in trade show logistics for exhibitors showcasing their products and services. A large percentage of exhibitors put time and cost into these exhibits, and reply on them arriving timely, damage-free and returning back in the same condition. With years of experience and expertise under our belt, we know the ins-and-outs of special requirements and deadlines needed from a logistics standpoint and what’s required for each show, and at most show sites. We can take over the logistics of your exhibit so you can put your main attention to really matters.

  10. We have our team on call 24/7, around the clock. No matter our normal business hours in the office, there’s always someone available for you and your shipments.

Reap the benefits of implementing a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that is personable, collaborative, strategic, and can handle more than just your average truckload requests. With this relationship, you’ll be sure to see your operations flourish with long-term growth.


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