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5 Truckload Best Practices

Proactively plan out your truckload freight management for long-term operational excellence.

Interested in a fresh approach to boost your operation’s truckload performance? In an industry that’s ever changing, it’s imperative that businesses are constantly adapting and looking ahead at market trends and new or improved resources. By being an agile company, your services will shine ahead of the competition and skyrocket your customer’s business in the process.

In short, if you incorporate the latest technologies and revised procedures, results will also benefit the end customer so they can also meet their customers’ needs. Here’s 5 of the most effective tips to achieve long-term success for your truckload management and overall operations.


Having a well established carrier base is essential for operational excellence. By utilizing your 3PL’s reputable sources, you can feel rest assured that there’s a seamless process in place between your third-party provider and the drivers handling your freight. If your 3PL has built strong relationships with it’s carrier network, they’ll be able to:

  • streamline communication of load information and between dispatchers and drivers

  • Efficiently match driver-to-load, which reduces downtime (saving time and money)

  • Provide transparency from the time your load is scheduled to final delivery destination

  • Adhere to strict trucking guidelines

  • Fulfill key performance metrics that are important to your operations


Lead times play a crucial role in the performance of your truckload freight. This is not only a huge time saver, but by increasing your lead time, you can certainly avoid unnecessary costs that come with booking last minute. For instance, If you schedule a week out, you will have better comparable rate options, more accuracy, certainty on delivery dates, and a more flexible list of carriers to choose from. In turn, these carriers can make better use of their time without scrambling at the last second, and be the most effective in handling your shipment.


A logistics provider is essentially a one-stop resource to meet all of your shipping needs. And that goes beyond actually shipping the freight -- it’s more cumbersome than that, as you may know. The right provider will significantly improve your business, and that of your customers’ business objectives, while giving you that competitive edge. Work smarter, not harder. Rely on your 3PL for data-driven shipping strategies, full access to reporting and real-time tracking, exceptional communication and transparency at every touch-point and hand-off, and ultimately, one that has your shipping needs in their best interest.


We’re living in a digital era where all your information is easily accessible and should be used to make smarter business decisions through proactive planning and execution. Utilizing your 3PL’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is no secret to operations professionals, yet, there are many missed opportunities when all of its features are not fully utilized, or if the current system is outdated. What does your 3PLs TMS offer today? How are you able to take full advantage of those capabilities? Make sure you have the right resources in place to reap the most benefits for you and your customers.


In order to make strategic changes within your operations and truckload services, tap into your data and use that to plan and execute as effectively as possible. You may be aware of added costs or red flags that occur here and there, but those can add up quickly than you may be aware of. Without diving into the data much deeper through reporting tools, you’re likely to fall short on areas that need the most attention before it’s too late.

You could possibly already have one or all of these go-to best practices as part of your long term goals of operational excellence and streamlined truckload management. As mentioned above, however, the industry is ever-changing, so it’s important to revisit the resources you already have in place to make strategic changes where necessary..

Perhaps your carrier network could be improved or you’re not taking advantage of the tools provided by your third-party provider. Whatever it may be, these top 5 truckload best practices are sure to save you time and added costs, and exceed your customers’ expectations as a result of these changes.

For more information on how you can leverage these best practices within your own operations, we’d love to connect and support you anyway we can be of help. Let’s look at some of your current challenges and work together to streamline your internal operations so you can provide your customers’ with a better experience.

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