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CTS Celebrates 20 Years 'Exceeding Your Expectations'

Updated: May 15, 2020

The transportation and logistics industry has evolved tremendously over the last two decades, and studies show it's only evolving at a faster rate through this next decade. Whether a logistics provider is keeping up with the latest technology, rules and regulations, or tapping into new markets, their number one priority should be to fulfill the customer's need beyond expectation.

Creative Transportation Services, Inc. (also known as CTS) was founded in January 2000 by owner Ray Abbate. He's passionate about helping his customers' thrive within their own service offerings and strongly believes in "going above and beyond expectations."

Ray's experience began in 1980 working for an LTL carrier, East Texas Motor Freight, as an account executive. "My job entailed business development, face-to-face interaction and countless sales calls, including sales management with six common carriers." In 1995, Ray moved on to working for a transportation provider (broker), where he soon discovered that there was "a need for better service and an opportunity to go after what no other transportation provider was doing at that time."

Ray rapidly developed strong, personal relationships with his customers, and in turn, had a clearer understanding of what they truly needed, and fulfilled those needs. "I provided my customers with any type of shipping service, using any mode of transportation, to any location, for any size shipment," he noted. "I took a more strategic approach, for a fair price. This is what motivated me to open my own logistics company."

And with that level of service and knowledge of the industry, Creative Transportation Services, Inc. opened it's doors. "My vision was to provide strategic shipping solutions and to develop an industry niche that no one else was doing." He spent the first several years establishing a solid foundation to grow from: strong sales focus, larger office presence, a cohesive team, and a vast network of partners and carriers.

Ray also spent a good amount of his time attending trade shows and researching their way of handling logistics. "The more involved I became, the more I realized there was a huge opportunity in an untapped shipping market." The exhibitors in the early 2000s thought they had to use the show’s carrier, when in fact, other carriers had equal opportunity to handle their freight. "I learned the ins and outs of trade show logistics. It’s more complex, with rules and regulations specific to each show. I took this information and used it to educate the exhibitors, and offer my personalized services at half the cost. The customers continued to reach out to me, and that’s when I realized I tapped into this niche service."

This family-run business continues to operate with Ray's guidance, but in more recent years, under his son's management. "My son, Adam Abbate, president of CTS, has done a tremendous job following in my foot steps and ensuring customer service remains a top priority with each move we make. Since he stepped into his role as president, he has grown CTS to another level of success, alongside a fantastic group of individuals," Ray explains.

"Top-notch customer service will always set us apart from the other transportation providers. And technology has given us the opportunity to be completely transparent in our communication. We go above and beyond moving freight."

If you happen to be looking for change within your operations, Ray's advice is simply this: "It's critical to utilize 'partners' who have an incredibly strong and reliable carrier base, and are tech-driven. Information and communication are key to executing on strategic supply chain opportunities."

Here's a breakdown of Ray's prediction about the future of the ever-evolving transportation and logistics industry:

  • As far as trucking, the 'big 3' will continue to get bigger and will squeeze more of the smaller carriers out;

  • Amazon and Uber will become major players in the logistics world, mainly due to finances, assets, and their own distribution centers in place;

  • A slightly alarming prediction that low-ball spot rates gain a presence in the market. It’s a matter of positioning their equipment for their gain.

  • E-commerce . . . technology is changing the future of logistics. Autonomous fleet brings greater efficiency. E-Brokerage platforms (the Uber of Trucks).

"It's been quite a journey over the last 20 years for CTS. On behalf of the entire team, we're grateful for all who have played a vital role in the success of this business, and ultimately the success of our clients' business. We look forward to continue shipping, learning, evolving, and supporting as best we can into the next decade."

Of course, what's a 20th anniversary without a celebration? The crew gathered together in January for a Roaring 20's inspired company soiree! Take a look at all the fun that was had together: photos archived on our Facebook page.

For more information on how you can revamp your operations and fulfill logistics needs not currently being met, connect with one of our logistics specialists. We're here to help manage your freight so you don't have to! | (925) 362.8666


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